Ni’Ja Whitson


The Unarrival Experiments

Location TBD

Fall 2022...Working with Red Rig.

FUN-dalert!!! Collaborate with Ni'ja by helping Ni'ja and their team of collaborators travel to over 14 cities across the country to complete the Ceremony work of the Illumination Catalogue. Ni'Ja needs $57,000 for this aspect of the project. Make this happen!!!

About the Artist

Ni'Ja Whitson Presents at the 2019 Creative Capital Artist Retreate

Receives National Performance Network Creation Fund Award

2021 Technical Resident - Center for Performance Research

Dance in Process

Ni’Ja Whitson is a gender-nonconforming/transmogrifying artist, performer, and writer who brings together experimental and African Diasporic practices to highlight themes of gender, sexuality, race, and spirit. As a performer and interdisciplinary artist collaboration is key for Whitson—they have worked with artists notable in experimental form such as Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, Daniel Alexander Jones, Baba Israel, and Dianne McIntyre.

Whitson is a United States Artist Fellow, a Creative Capital Awardee, a Camargo Fellow, and a Hedgebrook Fellow. The artist is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of California at Riverside and is the founder and artistic director of The NWA Project.

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