Keith Tolch


bury the ground

Art Reality Studio, Los Angeles,CA

February 17 - March 3, 2019

Art Reality Studio is an art practice that asks the question “what happens when artists are given cutting edge tools to create new works”? Keith Tolch is the first artist to receive tools from ARS. His work on IVR_1 resulted in the VR program titled glass bottom brain and a body of paintings, both of which were seen in a show called bury the ground

Keith's work emerges from a place of pixelated edges and backlit wireframes informed by the formal structures of digital space and the theoretical environments and conceptual spaces of video games and operating systems.  Art Reality Studio has provided Keith with new access points through the use of Virtual Reality tools, exposing him to advanced visual architectures unique to this digitally enmeshed moment in history. 

About the Artist

Keith Tolch is an MFA graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Emerging from a place of pixelated edges, backlit, wire framed spaces and undigestible amounts of information, my work engages with the resistance of an impenetrable surface. The formal structure of digital space, peculiar landscapes, theoretical environments and conceptual spaces of video games and operating systems provide me with an access point to visual architectures unique to my digitally enmeshed moment in history.

Those visual elements coalesce into an experience that approximates painting. With them, a unique vocabulary and an identity of mark making, pictorial space, and formal relationships materializes. The logical structure of landscape resonates with me and I react in accordance with and against the instinctive impulse to arrange according to traditional spatial models. Confronting the expectations of logic and order, the familiar is interrupted. The latent potential of marks are rendered active, expressing moments of extreme amplitudes nested between the lowest of possible frequencies. It is here, in the lows, where possibility is inverted and compounded, stultified, broken down and without resignation, transformed.

  These peculiarities are of a moment within the expansive history of painting. I position myself from this vantage point as a reflective surface, a relay of sorts, internalizing and expressing outward a very particular and quirky understanding of where painting has been, has not been, and still may go. - Keith Tolch

Keith offers glass bottom brain in 12 encrypted Collector Edition files, 1 AP, 1 Museum Edition, and 1 ARS Edition for archive.

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