Kate Costello




Arcade brings an artist’s work with silhouettes and a writer’s work with the plasticity of language into collaboration to explore how the drawn landscape can emanate story by working with the lack of traditional perspective in VR.

FUN-dalert!!! Here's your chance to create a new project with Kate Costello. ARS needs $10,000 for a VR Rig for Kate to use to develop and display Arcade, and $40,000 for Kate's project expenses.

Arcade will utilize Virtual Reality and Machine Learning technologies to amplify the collaborative work of a visual artist, an experimental writer and a sound designer that explores how familiar narratives and landscapes can be affected by working with the lack of traditional perspective allowed in VR. Kate is currently establishing the concept sketches and scripts for the project. Upon completion, Kate will work on the concept scores with a sound designer and UE4 and NextMind tutorials with technicians.

Subsequently, Kate's team will:

- Develop the exchange between the visual artist, writer, and sound designer.

- Introduce the technical collaborators to the visual, text, and aural content.

- Further the collaboration between the artist, writer, and sound designer in the creation of content.

- Assemble visual, text and aural elements with the technical collaboration team.

- Review and refine content with input from partners.

- Edit content.

Upon completion, IVR_7 Arcade will be presented as a public exhibition.

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