ARS provides technology and resources to artists whose interest aligns with these new mediums, allowing them to develop an alternative and complimentary means of expression to their existing practice. Artists are provided with equipment to realize a project that they define. When the work is completed, ARS collaborates with each artist and LA based arts institutions to exhibit the work.

Our goal is to create a platform for new meaningful artist practices coupled with public engagement, dialogue, and education. ARS also hopes to foster a new frontier of collecting artworks that use cutting-edge technologies.

Virtual Reality

ARS provides artists with state of the art VR equipment to experiment with and to determine if a work can be developed that furthers their practice. This includes the big world of XR - augmented reality, virtual reality therapy, and other screen based experiential space practices.

New Tech

ARS is interested in working with artists employing new technologies including neural networks and brain computer interface to explore the bounderies of these emerging tools.


ARS actively promotes the creation, collection, and exhibition of digital art practices by providing artists with a network of technical and administrative advisers TAAC.


ARS encourages institutions to create VR_banks and populate them with VR programs received as donations from collectors who purchase ARS Collector Edition 1 and purchases made through the institution's normal acquisition process. Potential users book time in the XR_bank online.