Keith Tolch's Exhibition bury the ground featuring his IVR_1 program glass bottomed brain at B Space

bury the ground

Keith Tolch bury the ground

February 2019

B Space, Los Angeles, CA

About the Event

Keith Tolch is a painter. Keith's painting informs his VR work, and his VR work informs his painting.

During the 16 months Keith worked on IVR_1, Art Reality Studio's initial project, he taught himself how to use Unreal Engine 4, created a significant group of paintings and produced a stunning VR program based on finding value in the creative, inventive process of formal discovery.

Keith offers glass bottom brain, his digital artwork from this show bury the ground, in 5 encrypted Collector Edition files, 1 AP, 1 Museum Edition, and 1 ARS Edition for archive.

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